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Changes to the OPPIA Board!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The Changing Times of 2019

2019 brought many changes for the Oregon Oregon Performance Improvement Association (OPPIA) as long-time OPPIA Board Chair officially retires to another awesome opportunity where his skills, aptitude, and untiring commitment are needed. Safe waters to you ahead -- Chad Olsen. Chad will remain in an honorary Past-Chair position for advising if needed.

This vacancy offered up the opportunity to open the chair position. Along with this opportunity came a few serious minded people wanting to jump aboard (or re-engage) into OPPIA open board positions.

This too brought additional changes:

  • Bringing new people meant on-boarding.

  • On-boarding brought the need for defining board roles.

  • Defining board roles, meant document, document, document, and more documenting.

  • Which required re-organizing our ways of working together and offering additional ways of collaboration due to emails flying this way and that way.

  • Which also drove us to using more technology to complete these tasks [Google, Slack, online publishing, etc.].

Welcome to our committed Board Member Volunteers!

  • Board Chair: Victoria Hawley, ODOT

  • Vice-Chair: Sup Thanasombat, Oregon Housing and Community Services

  • Treasurer: Gloria Butsch, City of Independence

  • Secretary: Camille Clark Wallin, Oregon Health Authority

  • Willie Rhodes, Oregon Youth Authority

  • Ken Smith

  • Dawn Farr, ODOT

  • Brandon Cobb, Oregon Department of Education

  • Sheila Faulkner, Secretary of State Audits Division

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